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If your vehicle has been impounded in our lot, voluntarily or otherwise, we want the process of you getting your car back to be as quick and painless as possible. Fill out the following form, and Certified Towing & Recovery will take the necessary steps to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

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  • Section 1 - Owner and Vehicle Information:

  • I,
  • am the legal and rightful owner of the below-listed motor vehicle presently stored at Certified Towing & Recovery and thus authorize the personnel of said company to release the said vehicle to the following person(s) and/or insurance company, and/or agent thereof.
  • Furthermore, I understand that in the event that the aforementioned motor vehicle is to be released to an individual person, that person will be required to present a “valid” photo identification card that must be in one of the following forms: 1) Any U.S. State issued drivers license, 2) Any U.S. State issued personal identification card, 3) U.S. Military i!dentification card or, 4) U.S. Government issued Passport, with Photo. I am also aware that in the event that the said motor vehicle is in a ‘drivable” condition, a person with a “valid” drivers license from any state within the United States, will be the only individual allowed to remove said motor vehicle off of any and all vehicle storage properties, or otherwise, owned and operated by CTR, and that said person (driver) will be required to produce proof of this drivers license upon demand by personnel at CTR.

why choose Us

Needing a tow, fuel delivery, equipment transport, or any other kind of vehicular service is often an undue burden. Sometimes it seems that nobody likes getting it done, and yet it still needs to get done. Certified Towing & Recovery has been getting these kinds of jobs done for 10 years and counting, so our clients can rest assured we possess the experience and work ethic to provide quick, friendly service to any customer. Our level of experience also gives us the perspective to be able to offer our services to companies, municipalities and individuals. Since day one, Certified Towing & Recovery has been focused on offering the highest-quality services at the most competitive prices, and we like to think we’ve done well committing to this mission. There’s a reason our clients keep coming back to Certified Towing—we get the job done, quickly and personably.


They arrived very quickly after a car crash and did a great job hauling away and cleaning up after the accident. I had liability only insurance, they ended up giving me a massive discount, though it was still expensive. They provided fantastic service and were very helpful, answering questions I didn't think to ask, since I was sick at the time. I've never been so pleased with a towing service.

Lou Herout

We have been using Certified Towing for about 7 years. We have always received timely responsible service. Keep up the great work!

Doc Motor Works Auto Repair

Owner is amazing. Office manager extra amazing.

Maggie Ebey